Dentistry in Glendale

"I don't mind visiting my dentist. I've been a patient for years and I have no aches and pains. I credit my pearly whites to his advice and recommendations. I did need some work done on my last visit & they took my blood pressure. What the!!!! I asked the doctor if it was going to hurt. "Not me" he said. It didn't hurt me either. Thank u doc!!!! Because I'm so fond of this dentist, I decided to take my lil guy to him instead of visiting a pediatric dental office. And let me not 4get about the awesome staff. They have been flexible around my schedule and extremely patient with my son."
~ Virginia Arujo

"Very accommodating. All staff was attentive and helpful. The receptionist was very good. Even though my appointment disappeared, she mended the situation immediately. Both check-up and cleaning dentists were quick and thorough."
~ Ida Arnold

"The kindest most concerned dental team I have ever been to. I am a dental "no go person" and I like the manner that they handle their clients."
~ Juanita Miller

"Great staff and customer service. My doctor is just the best. Thank you so much!"
~ Emily Fisher